Our case studies

Selected digital campaigns, products and platforms.

Discover Node Digital's Diverse Portfolio

Node Digital's commitment to excellence extends across a broad spectrum of industries. Explore our diverse portfolio, showcasing the innovative solutions we've crafted for leading brands and global events.

Adidas Sportswear
Unleashing the Power of Virtual Launch Events
Witness the success story of our collaboration with Adidas Sportswear. Node Digital orchestrated an internal launch event for a groundbreaking Sportswear product, creating an immersive experience that resonated with global audiences.

Pinterest Presents
Transformative Thumbnail Experiences
Step into the world of Pinterest Presents, where Node Digital redefined virtual events. Our team was responsible for coordinating and executing invitations, registration, website, and successful streaming of the event across seven territories and three time zones.

Cisco Meraki Go
Elevating Website Platforms
Node Digital is proud to power the website platform for Cisco Meraki Go. Our expertise goes beyond conventional boundaries; we have launched a new website and CMS, re-platformed onto WordPress and WP Engine.

Google Chrome Developer Summit
Shaping Virtual Conferences
Experience the evolution of virtual conferences with Node Digital's collaboration at the Google Chrome Developer Summit. Our team designed a compelling virtual conference website, setting new standards for the Chrome Dev Summit.

Bridging the Gap with Hybrid Platforms
Node Digital's prowess shines in our collaboration with Fremantle. Explore our hybrid video chat and broadcast platform that seamlessly connects individuals globally, providing a unique and engaging experience.

Navigating the NFT World with a Virtual Community
Enter the virtual world crafted by Node Digital for NFT enthusiasts - Pavia. Our community-built platform provides an immersive space for enthusiasts to connect, share, and thrive in the NFT landscape.

Fyre Festival
A Tale of Luxury and Lessons Learned
Working with Matte, we helped create a responsive website for Fyre Festival with third-party ticketing integration. The site was designed to handle the millions of hits generated by influencer and media promotion.

Urban Splash & House by Urban Splash
Redefining Housing Platforms
Node Digital has left its mark in the housing and property sector, providing website and CRM solutions for Urban Splash and an innovative platform for houses by Urban Splash.

Peter Rabbit and Harrods
Gamifying the Classics
Node Digital developed iOS and Android games to create a buzz around the launch of the Peter Rabbit movie.

Oetker Collection
Crafting Luxury Travel Platforms
Node Digital takes luxury to new heights with our collaboration on the Oetker Collection. Explore the seamless luxury travel and bookings platform we crafted for discerning clients.

4Music & 4Talent
Elevating TV Music Channels and Recruitment Platforms
We revamped the 4Music website with new UX, layouts, icons, media players, and typography. These updates were extended to the TV format.

Annabel's Private Members Club
Elevating Luxury with Website and CRM Platforms
Node Digital transforms the digital experience for Annabel's Private Members Club. Explore the luxury website and CRM platform that reflects the sophistication and exclusivity of this renowned establishment.