Global website and digital platform for Cisco's smart network brand Meraki Go.

Node Digital embarked on a significant collaboration with Cisco's global Meraki Go team to transform their online presence. Our primary objective was to launch a new, more efficient website and Content Management System (CMS), transitioning to WordPress and WP Engine to provide a robust and user-friendly platform.

A major aspect of our involvement was the efficient repurposing of the existing design files supplied by Cisco. This task was challenging due to the limitations of the previous bespoke “in-house” CMS developed by another agency, which had not met Cisco's needs. Despite the initial budget constraints, our team at Node Digital approached the project with a strategic vision. We adeptly managed the remaining budget across different phases, ensuring the successful re-platforming of the website.

This project was a reflection of Meraki's innovative spirit, a characteristic that resonates throughout the Cisco Meraki brand. Meraki, a subsidiary of Cisco Systems and based in San Francisco, California, is renowned for its cloud-managed IT solutions. Their diverse product range includes wireless, switching, security, enterprise mobility management, and security cameras, all managed via a central online platform. Since joining the Cisco family in December 2012, Meraki has consistently pushed the boundaries in simplifying IT, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

Cisco Systems, Inc., the parent company of Cisco Meraki, is a global powerhouse in networking solutions. As a leader in Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking technologies, Cisco plays an instrumental role in shaping internet connectivity across various sectors. Their technologies are the foundation of numerous networks in corporate, educational, and government settings around the world.

The collaboration between Node Digital and Cisco Meraki Go exemplifies our ability to tackle challenging digital transformations. Our role in this project not only involved technical development but also strategic budget management and problem-solving to meet and exceed the client's expectations. The revamped Meraki Go website is a testament to our commitment to delivering solutions that align with our clients' innovative ethos and operational needs.

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