Pinterest Presents

An unparalleled virtual event, streamed live for a global audience.

At the heart of Pinterest's ethos lies its commitment to being an inclusive and safe platform for consumers, brands, and content creators. In a digital world that is constantly evolving, Pinterest stays ahead by continuously innovating, as exemplified by their initiative, Pinterest Presents.

In collaboration with our colleagues at Amplify, Node Digital was entrusted with the crucial task of developing the digital platform for this unique global event. Pinterest Presents aimed to reveal new product features and offer insights into upcoming trends through the innovative Pinterest Predicts initiative.

Our team played a pivotal role in managing various aspects of the event, which spanned seven territories and three time zones. This included handling invitations, registration, website creation, and ensuring the successful streaming of the event.

Leveraging the capabilities of the event management system Hopin, we were able to customise all event materials to resonate with Pinterest's message, 'It’s Different Here'. Our approach challenged the norms of traditional webinars, aiming to encapsulate the essence of Pinterest in a 60-minute conference. The event was hosted in a physical space and streamed live, with a recording available for later distribution, thus maximizing audience reach.

Post-event, we employed a custom aggregator for analytics and reporting, providing critical insights into the event's performance. This data allowed us to extract key learnings to enhance future events.

Pinterest Presents serves as a significant event, showcasing consumer insights and unveiling the latest updates to Pinterest's visually-driven platform.

One exciting update from the event was the introduction of the Premiere Spotlight tool. This feature allows brands exclusive placements on Pinterest's search and home feed, maximizing visibility and reaching users actively searching for products — a development likely to be highly popular with major advertisers.

Additionally, the launch of Quiz Ads stood out as an innovative advertising solution. This feature enables brands to create interactive, multiple-choice questions integrated into a Pin ad, leading to more personalized engagement with users. With an impressive 80% completion rate, Quiz Ads are a promising option for brands seeking an interactive element in their campaigns.