UX and design for Valentino Red

Node Digital was at the helm of the user experience and design for the 2015 relaunch of Valentino Red, encompassing the mobile app, website with e-commerce functionality, and a digital magazine.

During this period, Vogue commented on the distinct identities of the Red Valentino collection and the main Valentino brand. They noted the absence of Red Valentino at the newly opened Valentino flagship on Fifth Avenue, situated in the former Takashimaya building, hinting at a potential missed opportunity for combined mother-daughter shopping experiences. Vogue anticipated a dedicated store for Red Valentino due to its growing and distinct identity.

Vogue's review of the Spring's Red Valentino collection highlighted its youthful appeal, comparing it to the innocence of "sandals-and-ankle-socks." The collection was described as a whimsical blend of themes, from "Cinderella hitting Las Vegas after a love affair with a sailor" to a combination of marinière stripes, peacoats, and pastel-hued party dresses. Key elements included novelty sweatshirts with anchor motifs and playful designs, like the "Cindierella" sweatshirt, emphasizing a charming rather than edgy style. The collection also featured more mature pieces, such as black dresses with grommeted edges and lacing, catering to a broader demographic.

Our involvement in this project encompassed creating a seamless and engaging user experience that mirrored the unique and youthful essence of the Red Valentino brand, bridging traditional elegance with modern digital platforms.

Initially licensed to Sinv SpA, Valentino brought the line's production in-house in 2009. By 2015, Red Valentino accounted for around 10 percent of Valentino Group's sales.