World first YouTube App for Coca-Cola's energy drink Burn.

Node Digital embarked on an innovative project to create a "choose your own adventure" snowboarding film for Burn, an energy drink part of the Coca-Cola group. Titled 'Ride Again', this unique concept blended elements of film, gaming, and website design, aiming to offer the YouTube audience a fresh, personalized take on the extreme sports genre.

Given Google's selective policy regarding API access, the development of 'Ride Again' as a YouTube app required us to swiftly establish a solid working relationship with Google's YouTube platform team. The exclusivity of Google's approval process for development partners presented a challenge due to the limited availability of documentation and precedents for reference.

Our research indicated that a significant portion of our target audience would be accessing the content on mobile devices. This insight shaped our development strategy, with HTML5 being a crucial component. It not only catered to mobile viewership but also enabled seamless integration of various content configurations directly into the film. Our primary goal was to ensure that the film's intricate details were supported by a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Within just a week of its launch, 'Ride Again' had been played over 20,000 times, marking a significant achievement for the project.

Following a corporate transaction with Coca-Cola, Burn is now owned and distributed by Monster Beverage Corporation. Available in over 80 countries, Burn carries the tagline "Fuel your fire".

Burn is a fizzy drink with caffeine, taurine and vitamin B (B3, B6, and B12) designed to optimise energy production in the body and keep you active. It can be consumed at any time of the day and can be part of a balanced diet for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Burn comes in Burn Original, Apple Kiwi, Passion Punch, Lemon Ice, Dark Energy, Cherry, Mango, Sour Twist,Zero Sugar Peach and Zero Sugar Raspberry.


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