Shire plc specialised in the treatment of rare diseases and was was one of the world's fastest growing bio-tech companies until its acquisition by Takeda in 2019.

Node Digital's extensive involvement as Shire's retained digital partner over five years played a transformative role in elevating their digital presence and operational efficiency. Our task was to manage and innovate a vast portfolio of nearly 100 marketing and regulatory assets, encompassing websites, applications, analytical, and CRM platforms. Our global remit covered regions including EMEA, North America, Asia, and Australasia, continuing until Shire's acquisition by Takeda.

A key achievement of Node Digital in this partnership was the modernisation of Shire's digital infrastructure. We transitioned them away from a fragmented network of WordPress sites to a robust, centralised CMS platform, significantly enhancing their digital ecosystem. This platform was not only powerful but also securely backed onto Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring scalability and reliability.

Our technical expertise was further demonstrated in the seamless integration of data streams following Shire's acquisition of Baxalta. This complex process was crucial for the streamlined launch of highly regulated microsites, a task we executed with precision.

The bespoke platform developed for Shire was a testament to our ingenuity and understanding of the pharmaceutical industry's unique needs. It adeptly handled all approval processes, enabling external agency Havvas to work effectively on the sites. Through the use of automated scripts, we enabled the rapid and efficient creation of new microsites – a significant improvement over previous methods.

One of the most innovative aspects of our work was the customization of an off-the-shelf CMS system, specifically tailored to meet Shire's stringent legal and regulatory approval requirements for content publication. Prior to our intervention, the process was manual, slow, and lacked a clear workflow. Our solution not only streamlined these processes but also introduced a level of efficiency and clarity that was previously absent.

Node Digital's involvement with Shire highlights our capability to transform and optimise digital strategies in complex and highly regulated environments, delivering solutions that are both innovative and compliant. Our work significantly contributed to enhancing Shire's digital operations, ensuring they were well-positioned for future growth and development in the pharmaceutical sector.