Pavia Metaverse. A community-built virtual world for NFT enthusiasts.

Pavia stands at the forefront of blending traditional gaming enjoyment with the innovative realm of Web3. Seeking to make a significant impact in the metaverse, Pavia entrusted us with the challenge of crafting a standout digital presence for their pioneering start-up.

Our mission was to create a digital space that would serve as a welcoming hub for the Web3 community, attracting NFT aficionados and those curious about cryptocurrency. The solution we devised aimed to be comprehensive and inclusive.

The foundation of our approach involved using Next.js to develop the website. We incorporated custom 3D designs and animations to narrate the vision of a Utopian future, central to Pavia's ethos.

The core concept of the project revolves around exploring new opportunities and forming meaningful partnerships through immersive 3D worlds and the principle of true digital ownership. This idea guided us in creating a website that offers game-like interactive experiences, dynamic scroll effects, and impactful animations.

For functionality and flexibility, we integrated the website with, a headless content management system. This setup enables swift content editing and offers boundless customization options, enhancing user experience.

Pavia has introduced the Pavia token and sells land parcels in their metaverse project, a virtual world built on the Cardano blockchain. This virtual realm is designed as a creative and engaging space for NFT collectors and creators, catering to a diverse audience including crypto enthusiasts, NFT lovers, business builders, and entertainers.

Cardano, is a decentralised and open-source blockchain platform, is a major player in the public blockchain space. Utilising proof of stake for consensus building, Cardano is known for its eco-friendliness compared to proof-of-work protocols. Originating in 2015 under the leadership of Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson, Cardano has made groundbreaking advancements in facilitating peer-to-peer transactions with its in-house cryptocurrency. Overseen by the Switzerland-based Cardano Foundation, this standout cryptocurrency made a grand entry in 2017, emerging as the largest player to use a proof-of-stake blockchain.


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