In an innovative collaboration, Node Digital and Bigballs played a key part in the crafting of a unique microsite and game for Oakley. The objective was to stir a competitive spirit and encourage social sharing, by introducing nuanced social attributes that personalised the interactive gaming journey.

Bigballs brought Node Digital into the fold to realise one of their most audacious concepts. Oakley, a distinguished sportswear brand known for supporting top-tier athletes, desired a groundbreaking campaign to exhibit their products. Conscious that the unique personalities of these sports figures were fundamental to their campaign, Oakley aspired to do more than just conventional advertising strategies.The campaign required to encapsulate Oakley's ethos of risk and innovation, surpassing normal marketing methods.

Our strategy with Oakley You Vs was to transform the gaming experience, shifting from traditional, fixed gaming structures to a dynamic, genuine interaction.

Designed to challenge, Oakley You Vs requires strategic thinking comparable to a world-class athlete. Swift, accurate decision-making is critical, with the game's high-stress nature and possible crashes invoking players' competitive side. We elevated the game with intricate social aspects, making it deeply personal and interactive. This guaranteed that sharing the triumphs, hard-earned in the game, resulted in a rewarding experience for users.

Including branded elements within a game can notably boost brand awareness. Players are exposed to the brand throughout the gameplay, resulting in improved recall and recognition.

By aligning their brand with a fun and entertaining gaming experience, companies can forge positive associations in the minds of consumers. Players may view the brand as more innovative, enjoyable, and customer-focused.

Digital games can reach an extensive audience, including demographics that might not typically interact with traditional advertising. Brands can tailor their games to specific demographics, ensuring that their message chimes with the intended audience.

Games yield valuable data on player behaviour, preferences, and demographics. Brands can utilise this data to glean insights into their target audience, refine their marketing strategies, and curate more personalised experiences.

Engaging and shareable gaming experiences can swiftly circulate through social media channels, expanding the reach of branded content. Players may share their achievements, high scores, or experiences with friends and followers, leading to organic promotion of the brand.

A well-crafted and enjoyable gaming experience can engender long-term brand loyalty among players. By delivering value and entertainment, brands can forge stronger connections with their audience, leading to repeat purchases and advocacy.

In conclusion, digital games within branded content present a distinctive and effective means for brands to engage with consumers, enhance brand awareness, and drive business objectives in the digital age.



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