Creative Marketing Services: Partnered with Poke

Creative Marketing Services: Partnered with Poke

Leverging our partnership with Poke Marketing together we are a joined up agency that genuinely shares in the journey of transforming your firm. An agency that bears the commercial responsibility of bolstering your business. An agency that places your business as the top priority, rather than focusing on the fees reaped from you. An agency that employs extraordinary creative marketing techniques to ignite your audience.

For businesses to expand, evolve, and progress, making an impact is crucial. We exist to assist firms in leaving a lasting imprint. Achieving this requires us to consistently deliver outstanding, compelling, creative marketing of the highest calibre. Thus, 'mediocre' is a word that can never be linked to our practices.

Our combined work must always transcend the ordinary, reach phenomenal standards, and shatter expectations. Our clients require this; their target demographics insist on it, and it's what we demand of ourselves. At Node, mediocrity is unacceptable. What we accept is delivering exceptional work that makes a difference and brings about results. This is our essence.

Understanding our clients' business thoroughly is of paramount importance to us. Our exploratory stage reveals distinct customer segments, competitor insights, market conditions, and enables us to devise a strategic approach. We aim to be as flexible and agile as possible with our payment procedures. We have absolute confidence in our performance and are ready to share the risk with our clients. Hence, performance-based pay could be an option. The key component of our offering is analysing metrics and data. Understanding the present enables us to predict the future, allowing us to make required adjustments for improvements. Respect cannot exist without collaboration. We do not monopolise conversations, nor do we expect our clients to do the same. Every viewpoint and idea is esteemed and pertinent.

Brand: Positioning, Identity, Comms planning, Messaging
Digital: Social, SEO/PPC, Websites, Email marketing
Campaigns: Customer Recruitment, Customer Retention, Online & Offline
Content: Copywriting, Infographics, Illustration, Film

Client work

EMR, a metal recycling firm, joined forces with Poke Marketing to debunk the myth of masculine predominance in their sector. They revamped their signs to adopt a gender-neutral approach and garnered positive acknowledgment from both in-house and external patrons, as well as from the trans and LGBT community.

More Group, a company offering professional services, embarked on a brand makeover to gain richer insights into their varied clientele. They contrived a segmentation strategy to scrutinise consumer mindsets, decision-making mechanisms, and the impetus behind securing professional services. The rejuvenated brand was propagated through a range of conduits, encompassing digital sales gadgets, their website, social media, and print.