Sky Mobile - Sky Employee

Employee training using gamification.

In collaboration with Amplify, Node Digital undertook the creative challenge of designing and developing a retro arcade-style game aimed at educating Sky Mobile employees about the latest iPhone features.

This engaging web-based game, which functions seamlessly on both desktop and mobile, features a competitive element with a leaderboard and an analytics suite. It encourages Sky Mobile colleagues to compete against each other through a combination of gameplay and rapid-fire multiple-choice questions and answers.

Developed using HTML5, the game is a modern reinterpretation of the classic Pac-Man, but with a significant twist in gameplay. This innovative approach to training proved to be an effective and enjoyable method for Sky employees to learn about the new iPhone's features, without relying on traditional learning materials. Our own experience playing the game confirmed its effectiveness as a learning tool, highlighting its success for Sky Mobile in a fun and interactive way, moving away from conventional classroom training methods.

Sky Mobile is a part of Sky Group Limited, a major British media and telecommunications conglomerate. Owned by the American conglomerate Comcast and headquartered in Isleworth, Sky Group has a broad presence across the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy. As of 2018, Sky is recognised as Europe's largest media company and the leading pay-TV broadcaster by revenue, boasting 23 million subscribers and employing over 31,000 individuals as of 2019.


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