A hybrid broadcast and video chat tool for the television industry.

Node Digital alongside our partner agency Amplify, played a pivotal role in developing an innovative solution for Fremantle, addressing their unique challenge in the post-lockdown era. With the shift to remote presentations, platforms like Zoom and Google Meet became the norm, yet they fell short in terms of high-quality video broadcasting capabilities, often resorting to suboptimal screen sharing methods.

Responding to this need, Node Digital engineered a bespoke micro-platform. This platform seamlessly integrates the Zoom Web SDK with the Brightcove API, creating a synergy between the user-friendly interface of Zoom and the robust video broadcasting strength of Brightcove. The result is a tool that not only facilitates secure invitation management but also offers a branded, interactive experience. It combines video chat and superior video delivery, enhancing the overall audience engagement.

A key feature of our solution is the custom functionality built using websockets. This allows presenters to dynamically control content and playback in real-time for all viewers, ensuring a cohesive and interactive presentation experience. Additionally, the platform is supported by a comprehensive analytics suite, providing valuable insights into audience engagement and platform performance.

Fremantle, a leading figure in the content creation industry and a significant part of the RTL Group under Bertelsmann, boasts a formidable digital presence. With a vast network of over 495 million fans across 2,000 social channels and an astounding annual viewership of over 300 billion across various platforms, Fremantle's collaboration with Node Digital in this project underscores our commitment to innovative solutions in the digital broadcasting realm. This partnership aligns with Fremantle's stature as a global leader in entertainment, drama, film, documentaries, and digital content.


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