We partnered with Emirates' global experiential agency Pulse to produce a series of games, campaigns and CRM tools.

In a significant collaboration with Emirates' global experiential agency, Pulse, Node Digital made a crucial contribution in crafting a series of digital products and interactive games. These digital experiences were specifically designed for showcasing at high-profile global events, notably including the Commonwealth Games, and were featured in major cities like New York, New York, Washington, Dubai, and Glasgow.

Our development efforts centered on ensuring these digital offerings were compatible across a diverse array of platforms. This included large multi-screen setups, interactive kiosks, and web interfaces, each tailored to create a seamless and engaging user experience at these events.

Games allows participants to win tickets to destinations, so safeguards had to be placed into the system to prevent users from playing multiple times in order to win.

A standout innovation by Node Digital was the development of a sophisticated platform designed to streamline the data capture process while enhancing the player onboarding experience. Leveraging the latest NFC and Bluetooth technologies, this platform enabled users to pre-register and subsequently check in to games quickly and effortlessly using their handheld devices. This integration dramatically reduced wait times and enhanced user engagement at the events.

At various events, we introduced a unique array of games. These included estimating the flight times between different locations on Emirates routes and answering questions about Emirates' services. This way, participants are prompted to learn more about our brand before playing, thereby enhancing brand recognition.

Emirates, our partner in this project, is globally recognized as a leader in the airline industry. Ranking as the world's fourth-largest airline based on scheduled revenue passenger-kilometers flown, Emirates is renowned for its expansive network. Additionally, the airline holds the distinction of being the second-largest in terms of freight tonne-kilometers flown. Its substantial global footprint and commitment to quality and innovation made Emirates an ideal partner for this project, allowing us to showcase our digital expertise on a world stage. This project is a testament to Node Digital's capability to deliver cutting-edge digital solutions that align with the prestigious stature and operational scale of a global airline giant like Emirates.


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