CBeebies asked us to create a personalised video microsite built around their Baby Jake show.

Node Digital had the honor of collaborating with CBeebies, a beloved branch of the BBC dedicated to young audiences, to develop their first-ever social media-focused application targeted at parents. Over several months, we worked closely with the CBeebies team to bring the Starmaker App to life. This innovative application allows parents to create captivating, branded artwork and animations incorporating their children's photos. These creations could be effortlessly printed or shared on social networks, leading to a significant level of engagement, with tens of thousands of interactions recorded in just the first month post-launch. The web app, optimized for a seamless experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, was developed using HTML5 Canvas.

CBeebies Star Maker, as the app is known, provides a unique platform for children to become stars within the CBeebies world. Further evolving into a Facebook app, CBeebies Star Maker offers a suite of personalization options. Parents can create various CBeebies-themed items such as a Justin's House reward chart, personalized party invitations, and certificates. Special letters from favorite characters like Justin, Robert, and Little Monster are also a feature, adding a delightful touch. These personalized creations can be printed, downloaded, or shared, enhancing the interactive experience with the CBeebies brand.

The project with CBeebies Star Maker was not only a pleasurable endeavor but also an insightful exploration into the intersection of entertainment, creativity, and social media engagement. This project presented an engaging and fun way for parents and children to interact with the CBeebies brand, further strengthening its connection with its young audience and their families.

CBeebies, as part of the BBC, is renowned for providing high-quality, age-appropriate content that is both educational and entertaining for young children. The creation of the Starmaker App aligns with CBeebies' mission to engage children in learning and creativity through various mediums. This collaboration between Node Digital and CBeebies highlights our commitment to developing interactive digital solutions that resonate with audiences and enrich their experience with beloved brands like CBeebies.