adidas 4DFWD

Global media launch experience for adidas’ innovative new running shoe.

Node Digital was selected by Amplify as the digital design and development partner for the global media and PR launch of adidas' innovative running shoe, 4DFWD. Our responsibility was to create a captivating and rich immersive experience that combined various elements such as film, CGI, motion graphics, and state-of-the-art interactive assets.

Leveraging a bespoke and powerful AWS environment, we were able to deliver nearly thirty minutes of high-definition media to a substantial audience simultaneously. The platform utilised AWS MediaConvert to generate video-on-demand (VOD) content for broadcast and multi-screen delivery, all optimised for various devices, browsers, and bandwidths.

Our virtual audience platform was responsible for managing invitations and user data. We prioritised security, ensuring the sensitive content was protected against unauthorised downloading. The platform allowed users access to the content at specified times, catering to three major global time zones: the Americas, Europe, and East-Asia.

The adidas 4DFWD shoe itself is as striking in appearance as it is in technology. Featuring vibrant and luminescent designs, and the unique visual of specially coded lattices, these trainers are as aesthetically appealing as they are high-performing.

The 4DFWD shoe is the culmination of years of athlete data analysis combined with the revolutionary approach of 3D printing. Adidas, in collaboration with Carbon, has been developing the 4D lattice midsole technology for over four years. This process has led to the creation of the 4DFWD shoe with an innovative lattice midsole, specifically designed to propel runners forward. Adidas describes the 4DFWD shoe as a product of combining athlete insights with cutting-edge technologies. They have analysed athlete data for over 17 years, focusing on treadmill runs and the impact of feet hitting the ground. The 4D lattice midsole is the result of combining this extensive data with Carbon's Digital Light Synthesis™ technology. This advanced process uses light and oxygen to transition liquid into a solid, 3D object, allowing adidas to fine-tune midsoles to specific movement patterns, offering athletes precision and performance with every step.

This collaboration for the 4DFWD launch allowed Node Digital to showcase its capability to create engaging, high-tech digital experiences that complement and enhance the marketing of innovative products like adidas' new generation of 3D-printed midsoles.

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