Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

We are at the forefront of revolutionising the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, driving innovation through digital transformation.

Positioned in the forefront of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, Node Digital has earned a prominent reputation founded on digital innovation. Their focus centers on emphasizing the critical role of precision, dependability, and accessibility in their field, taking into consideration the importance of compliance and adherence to stringent regulatory requirements.

Before becoming a part of Takeda through a strategic acquisition, Node Digital showcased their versatility and wide-ranging expertise by managing an extensive and diverse portfolio of close to 100 different marketing and regulatory assets on behalf of Shire. The scope of these assets ranged from websites and applications to analytics and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. Delivering their work on an international scale, their reach spanned across EMEA, North America, Asia, and Australasia. The company also displayed their crucial role in orchestrating the integration of data and systems during the merger of Shire with Baxalta.

In a successful project collaboration with Gilead, Node Digital aimed to consolidate several web-based platforms, a task that was executed brilliantly. This initiative saw not only cost reductions but also significantly improved the efficiency of data flows.

Their working approach involves harnessing the powers of advanced digital solutions to maximize the reach and effectiveness of healthcare services. They are experts in developing user-friendly platforms that empower medical professionals with the accessibility and analysis of patient data. Furthermore, Node Digital creates engaging and incredibly informative patient education tools designed to simplify the convoluted information regarding complex treatment. They maintain a rigorous emphasis on the security and compliance of their solutions, ensuring alignment with stringent regulatory standards at all times.

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