January 04, 2024

Fashion - introducing Generative AI platforms In the world of fashion

In the world of fashion, introducing Generative AI, a cutting-edge technology that is carving a niche for itself, promises to revolutionise numerous business sectors. This newfound technology empowers co-creation, accelerates the content development process, and crafts novel mediums such as auto-completed scripts, 3D layouts, and genuine virtual models for video promotions.

Indeed, in the realm of fashion, beauty, and luxury, Generative AI is proving its worth. Its significant contributions are evident in product invention, marketing strategies, sales amplification, and elevating customer experiences. The technology enables fashion mavens and artistic minds to expedite their tasks, which leaves more time for pursuits that require a human touch. Moreover, it paves the way for developing systems that enrich customer service.

In the arena of product development and innovation, Generative AI proves crucial in real-time analysis and interpretation of various unstructured data. It's capable of collecting and conducting sentiment analysis from social media clips and formulating trends from consumer data. With Generative AI platforms, creative directors and their teams can feed sketches and particular specifics, which then auto-generate an array of designs. This innovative platform allows designers to delve into various styles and appearances, leading to the conception of inventive, limited-edition product releases. Furthermore, thanks to facial-recognition technology powered by generative AI, designing personalized eyeglasses based on individual tastes and facial contours is now a reality.

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Try 7 different AI ChatBot models

AI got a big boost in attention when ChatGPT-3 was launched. For some it was the marking of a new era in pushing the boundaries of tech and seemed OpenAI’s product had taken the market by surprise.

In fact, other developers are actively producing what would be the competition, or in some cases a varied, different model suited to a different application or scenario.

We see that AI is far from perfect and test out 7 alternative models. You may switch between them on the right and try for yourself, see if this “virtual assistant” could be of help or hinderance.

Watch this space as we will soon publish some further information on the models and the differences between them (plus practical application). For now, please do enjoy playing with our AI Chatbot :)

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