Driving results for Volkswagen Belgium's business website.

Over a span of four years, Node Digital worked closely with DDB Brussels as the designated digital partner for Volkswagen Belgium. We undertook the design, development, and ongoing support of their commercial vehicles platform, specifically catered to business and fleet customers. The platform featured multi-lingual content and was powered by a robust, customised CMS and CRM system.

Following the launch of the most recent version, we observed a significant 270% increase in user engagement on tablet and mobile devices. This success can be largely attributed to our dedication to regular user testing and a dynamic approach to project management.

For the platform's backend, we chose ExpressionEngine for its reliability and maintenance record. We enhanced its functionality by developing various plugins, data handlers, and controllers. This customization enabled real-time data exchange with Volkswagen's systems, ensuring up-to-date information on vehicle availability and options.

Additionally, we integrated elements that allowed Volkswagen to update certain content through an external system, which then disseminated information to other platforms. This integration ensured that the website remained consistent and up-to-date with Volkswagen's internal systems.

The result was a highly integrated, low-maintenance website that provided customers and potential clients with real-time information. Not only did we fulfill all the requirements of the brief, but we also identified and implemented additional efficiencies during the project.

The platform was hosted on AWS, with load balancing and a design that eliminated any single point of failure. This robust hosting solution ensured maximum uptime and reliability, allowing the client to be confident in the knowledge that their platform was being proactively monitored and maintained by the Node team.


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