Urban Splash

Collaborating with Urban Splash, we completely revamped their brand identity, inclusive of their film and photography, building an award-winning website via Craft CMS, which integrates with Salesforce, permitting users to search and refine properties.

Founded by Tom Bloxham and Jonathan Falkingham 25 years ago, Urban Splash has emerged as a transformative force in the North-West property development sector and has since grown into a significant UK-wide entity.

In 2017, Node Digital was enlisted to thoroughly overhaul Urban Splash’s brand identity. Our contribution involved a broad spectrum of components: refining their brand identity, producing printed literature, developing web platforms, and creating film and photography. This comprehensive project also encompassed a series of campaigns and exhibitions. A key aspect of our work was the construction of an award-winning website using Craft CMS. This innovative website integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, augmenting the user experience with features like property search and refinement capabilities.

The integration with Salesforce enables internal staff managing properties to function as they usually would with the website updating automatically in response to internal action, thereby improving efficiency as a website content manager doesn't then have to duplicate the content. The connection is in real-time ensuring information presented to end users is current.

Urban Splash’s digital operations management has been significantly simplified through the CraftCMS system. Transitioning from WordPress, the new platform effectively integrates with Salesforce. This integration not only brings live property listings to the website but also efficiently directs enquiries straight to the sales team.

The choice to use CraftCMS has proven immensely beneficial for Urban Splash. The simplicity and efficiency it provides have revolutionised their operations. Constant updates and upgrades to their platform ensure they reap the benefits of the latest features that CraftCMS offers, maintaining a modern and effective digital presence.

Node Digital has also been chargeable for hosting Urban Splash’s digital infrastructure on AWS architecture. Our design ensures industry-leading uptime, contributing to a website that is not only visually pleasing and user-friendly but also sturdy and dependable. This all-encompassing digital overhaul by Node Digital has played an essential role in enhancing the operational efficiency and market presence of Urban Splash.



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