Store First

Created a new website for leading storage unit provider, Store First. Built using Craft CMS and backed onto a powerful API (also developed by us), allows users to find real-time pricing and availability.

Store First, a prominent storage unit provider in the UK, recently commissioned us to create a new website and booking platform. This platform enables customers to seamlessly order, manage, and pay for storage units online. Utilising Craft CMS and powered by a robust API developed by our team, the site features an innovative calculator tool. This tool provides real-time availability and pricing, allowing users to make informed decisions about their storage space requirements.

Our integration with Space Manager, a third-party system, ensures consistent data flow regarding availability and other details between the physical store locations and the online platform.

Recognised as the top choice for self-storage in the UK, Store First offers clean, safe, and cost-effective storage solutions for both individuals and businesses. The company boasts sixteen state-of-the-art, purpose-built facilities across the UK.

Store First are the number one choice for self storage, offering individuals and businesses the cleanest, safest and best value Self storage in the UK.

There are sixteen purpose built, modern, state of the art, Store First locations across the UK.

The Self Storage Annual Industry Report, in partnership with the Self Storage Association External Link provides a comprehensive overview into the self storage sector.

The 2023 report looks at investor appetite, growth performance, public awareness, and the impact of the current cost of living crisis on the sector, analysing a range of data points from operator, customer, and public surveys.

Headlines include:

Industry annual turnover reached £990 million and is predicted to hit £1 billion in 2023;
Occupancy rates remain stable at 83.3%;
Rental returns are up 4% to £27.19 per sq ft;
Churn increased from 76% in 2021 to 81% in 2022;
Over 2 million sq ft of additional space has been occupied compared to last year;
UK storage space per head of population is 0.82 sq ft
The residential market contributes the largest number of customers, totaling 36%;
78% of operators are making sustainability improvements to their businesses;
17% of customers say their needs for self storage have changed due to the cost of living crisis.

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