Google PROXX from Google Chrome Labs

Working with Google Chrome Labs, as part of Node Wolf, we helped create PROXX - a pretty addictive Minesweeper-inspired game for the latest Chrome browser.

PROXX — a game of proximity

Node Digital collaborated with Google Chrome Labs to develop PROXX, an engaging Minesweeper-inspired game optimised for the latest Chrome browser. This project showcased our expertise in creating cross-platform web applications.

PROXX offers an interactive space navigation experience. Players utilise proxx, a proximity scanner, to identify and mark black holes, aiding their crew's safe passage through space. The game's versatility across a range of devices is a standout feature. It is meticulously designed to function seamlessly from desktop computers to feature phones. Additionally, PROXX supports various input methods, including a mouse, keyboard, d-pad, and screen readers, ensuring an inclusive gaming experience.

This Minesweeper-like game is notable for its universal compatibility, playable on any device with a web browser, including feature phones. PROXX's launch at Google's I/O Conference in 2019 marked a significant achievement.

Drawing inspiration from the classic Minesweeper, PROXX represents a modern reinterpretation of this nostalgic game. It was developed by the same team at Google responsible for, another successful collaboration.

In the development of PROXX, we employed Preact for UI components, PostCSS for styling, Comlink for managing web workers, and Rollup for bundling. This blend of technologies was carefully chosen to create an application that is dynamic and performant, without compromising on capabilities or compatibility.

Hosted by Netlify, PROXX can be accessed at and has been lauded for its optimised performance. Google Chrome Labs has made the TypeScript source code for this Minesweeper-inspired game available on GitHub at, demonstrating our commitment to open-source development and community engagement.

The app is built with Preact for UI components, PostCSS for styles, Comlink for handling web workers and uses Rollup to bundle it all up.

Google Chrome Labs released a very shiny TypeScript Minesweeper on The source code is on GitHub at

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