Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Our AWS (Amazon Web Services) Hosting service provides dependable, scalable, and secure cloud hosting solutions, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

With NODE's comprehensive cloud services and solutions, you can launch cloud solutions within days instead of months, and enjoy persistent support with our administered services. Experience incredible cost savings, enhanced operational effectiveness, and expand your business effortlessly. Whether using Azure, AWS, GCP or our unique eHybrid VPC, we simplify, streamline, and automate public cloud platforms to suit your organisation's unique needs.

Your place, our place, or their place?

The power is in your hands to choose the best cloud service

Where your data and applications reside is entirely up to you.

Opt for their place (Public Cloud), our place (node Cloud), your place (On Premise), or a custom blend of all - the Hybrid Cloud.

Regardless of your business's requirements to stay connected, ensure security, and scale, we are here to assist you in finding the perfect home for your data and applications with our wide array of cloud services.

Your data and applications are secure with us

Rest easy knowing that we'll shoulder the tough tasks of maintaining your cloud infrastructure seamlessly, so you can concentrate on what truly matters to you.