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As an esteemed entertainment digital agency, Node Digital stands at the forefront of harnessing the power of data-driven solutions to catalyse commercial growth, foster innovation, and create hyper-personalized customer experiences. Our expertise positions us as a leading choice for businesses keen to explore the expansive realm of entertainment marketing.

Our powerful, data-driven solutions unlock the potential for commercial growth, innovation and hyper-personalised customer experiences.

From renowned technology brands to the world's leading public service broadcaster, we re-define how entertainment brands engage with users through innovative new platforms, ‘always-on’ content streams and integrated digital solutions.

Our portfolio boasts collaborations with iconic technology brands such as Disney, BBC, Sky and Cbeebies to name a few. At Node Digital, we redefine the interaction between entertainment brands and their audiences. This is achieved through the development of ground breaking new platforms, the establishment of 'always-on' content streams, and the implementation of comprehensive digital solutions.

We pride ourselves on partnering with leading brands, where our focus is on crafting strategies that are not just data-informed but data-driven. We strive to innovate continuously, ensuring that our clients remain at the cutting edge of digital engagement in the fast-evolving entertainment sector. Our approach is centred on understanding the unique dynamics of the entertainment industry and leveraging this knowledge to create digital solutions that resonate with audiences and drive engagement.

Try 7 different AI ChatBot models

AI got a big boost in attention when ChatGPT-3 was launched. For some it was the marking of a new era in pushing the boundaries of tech and seemed OpenAI’s product had taken the market by surprise.

In fact, other developers are actively producing what would be the competition, or in some cases a varied, different model suited to a different application or scenario.

We see that AI is far from perfect and test out 7 alternative models. You may switch between them on the right and try for yourself, see if this “virtual assistant” could be of help or hinderance.

Watch this space as we will soon publish some further information on the models and the differences between them (plus practical application). For now, please do enjoy playing with our AI Chatbot :)

Model selected:

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