Node Digital is committed to promoting gender equality and ensuring fair and equal treatment for all employees, regardless of gender. We recognise the importance of addressing gender pay disparities and are dedicated to taking proactive measures to minimise and ultimately eliminate the gender pay gap within our organisation. This Gender Pay Gap Policy outlines our commitment to transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement in this regard.

Policy Statements:

Equal Pay Principle

• Node Digital is committed to providing equal pay for equal work, ensuring that all employees are remunerated fairly and without discrimination based on gender.
• We conduct regular reviews of our pay structures, compensation policies, and performance evaluation processes to identify and address any gender-based pay disparities.

Transparency and Reporting

• We are committed to transparency regarding our gender pay gap data. We will publish annual gender pay gap reports in accordance with legal requirements and best practices.
• Our gender pay gap reports will include relevant metrics and analysis, providing insights into the factors contributing to any disparities and our progress towards closing the gap.

Data Collection and Analysis

• We collect and analyse data on employee compensation, including salaries, bonuses, and benefits, disaggregated by gender, job role, and level within the organisation.
• Through rigorous data analysis, we identify any gender pay gaps and investigate the underlying causes, including factors such as occupational segregation, unconscious bias, and disparities in career progression opportunities.

Actions to Address Gender Pay Gap

Node Digital will take proactive measures to address any identified gender pay gaps, including but not limited to:
• Reviewing and revising pay structures to ensure fairness and equity.
• Implementing initiatives to promote gender diversity and inclusion in recruitment, promotion, and leadership development.
• Providing training and education to employees and managers on unconscious bias, diversity, and inclusion.
• Offering flexible working arrangements and support programs to enable better work-life balance for all employees.

We will set specific targets and timelines for reducing the gender pay gap and regularly monitor our progress towards achieving these objectives

Employee Engagement and Consultation

• We actively engage with our employees to raise awareness of gender pay gap issues and solicit their feedback and input on potential solutions.
• Employee representatives and gender equality advocates will be involved in the development, implementation, and monitoring of gender pay gap initiatives.

Node Digital is committed to fostering a workplace culture where gender equality is valued, promoted, and upheld. By addressing and eliminating gender pay disparities, we aim to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace for all employees, driving positive change within our organisation and beyond. We will continue to review and refine our gender pay gap policies and practices to ensure that we uphold our commitment to fairness, diversity, and inclusion.

Statement on Gender Balance in Senior Management

At Node Digital, we recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion, particularly in senior leadership positions. We are committed to fostering an environment where all voices are heard and valued, regardless of gender. As part of our dedication to promoting gender equality, we have set a target for maintaining a 50/50 ratio of male and female leaders within our senior management team.

This commitment reflects our belief that diverse perspectives lead to better decision-making, innovation, and overall business success. By ensuring equal representation of men and women in leadership roles, we aim to create a more inclusive and equitable workplace culture where everyone has the opportunity to thrive and contribute to our collective success.

We understand that achieving and maintaining gender balance in senior management requires proactive measures and ongoing commitment. To this end, we are implementing strategies to attract, retain, and develop talented individuals from diverse backgrounds, including targeted recruitment efforts, leadership development programs, and mentorship initiatives.

We are proud of the progress we have made towards achieving gender balance in our senior management team, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to this goal. By fostering an environment of equality, respect, and opportunity, we are not only strengthening our organisation but also setting an example for others to follow in creating a more diverse and inclusive business world.