Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Our AWS (Amazon Web Services) Hosting service provides dependable, scalable, and secure cloud hosting solutions, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Implementing cloud solutions in a matter of days rather than months and receive continuous assistance with our managed services. Realise cost savings, enhance operational efficiency and scale your enterprise with NODE’s comprehensive cloud services and solutions. Whether it's Azure, AWS, GCP or our very own eHybrid VPC, we simplify, streamline and automate public cloud platforms bespoke to your organisation’s requirements.

Their place, our place, or your place?

The optimal cloud service for you to select

Where you archive your data and run your applications is entirely your choice.

Store it at their place (Public Cloud), our place (NODE Cloud), your place (On Premise), or a personalised mix as per your requirements – Hybrid Cloud.

Whatever your business necessitates to remain connected, to ensure security, and to scale, we’re here to assist you in locating the ideal location for your data and applications within our range of cloud services.

Your data and applications, safely in our custody

Rest easy knowing we'll handle the heavy lifting in keeping your cloud infrastructure operating seamlessly whilst you concentrate on what's important to you.